A team of homeless people, organised by the Associació Càmeres i Acció, have recorded images of every stage of the project, gathering the experiences of the various participants: homeless people, artists, social researchers and social organisations. A documentary-style portrait will premiere at the Filmoteca de Catalunya on 27 November..


Title: Mirades: Retrats Sense Sostre (Expressions: Retrats Sense Sostre)
Format: Documentary
Length: 60 minutes
Year of production: 2013-2014
Film format: HD 1920x1080i
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Original languages: Catalan and Spanish
Produced by: Càmeres i Acció (Silvia Cepero and David Fernández) and
Written and directed by: Retrats Sense Sostre audiovisual team (Elena Fabregat Pelegrí, Hardeep Singh, Hassan El Otmani, Pere Vilella and Rafael Famadas) and Càmeres i Acció
Set: Càmeres i Acció and Elena Fabregat Pelegrí
Sound: Retrats Sense Sostre audiovisual team and Càmeres i Acció
Original soundtrack: Natalia Isla Fañanas and Jordi Estivill Nonell