Students taking Dr. Manuel Delgado‘s subject Anthropology – Urban Spaces and Globalization as part of the University of Barcelona master’s degree in Anthropology and Ethnography collected the life stories of the homeless people taking part in the project.

Each portrait will be accompanied by the life story told by the subjects themselves, giving voice to the sound installations at Convent de Sant Agustí Community Centre. These autobiographical accounts will also be presented at an academic ceremony in the Faculty of Geography and History at the University of Barcelona on 25-26 November.

Rosa Canela, Emma Alari, Sílvia Bartolomé, Katalina Solorzano, Grazalema García, Alberto Pérez, Maribel Molina, Ivelin Meza, Maite Mena, Florencia Vila, Julián D. Loaiza Pineda and Rosa Martínez Cuadros have carried out the etnograpfies with the participants of the project.

Life stories

Each life story is created using ethnographic research methods, which include audio recordings of a series of in-depth, semi-structured conversational interviews with the model.

Life stories are a form of sociological portrait — or in this case, self-portrait — in the sense that the verbal testimony gives us a privileged view into the subject’s own perception of him or herself.